Need help with the arithmetic_arranger

So i just finished watching all the videos on the course and started trying to “solve” the first project, it was kind hard and overwhelming at the beggining cause im a total noob still but i googled a lot of stuff and watched some videos and finally understood how i should do it and etc BUT i must have missed something through the course because i just have no idea how to arrange the problems vertically like that, i cant remember any mention to this in the course so either completely missed it or i totally forgot it lol. anyway, can someone please link me to a place i can read about this? or what i should google so i could learn and try it. Ty for the help

There might not be an explicit place where this is mentioned. Part of the challenge is figuring out how to make bigger concept from smaller ones.

You might consider how this can be achieved by hand - having list of problems you want to arrange them on piece of paper. How could this be done? Are there multiple ways? Is there a way that looks like it could be made into code?

What code do you have so far?


Hey, thank you for your reply, the only thing missing in my code is formating the math vertically, i didnt even try writing this part cause i honestly had no idea. Is there something like css box/grid in python? I thought of maybe doing some frankenstein shit with white spaces lol but thats probably the worst idea possible idk

Propably, but that won’t do it.
For a start you can look into the test_module and look at the expected output.
The core problem is, you think to complicated. You don’t need some grid or special module - you need to make 3-4 lines of text. That’s it :wink:

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ill look into the test_module and try to figure out something, ty for the reply!

Did you solve the problem, @ibrahimstick?

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