Need help with the image element in the tribute page

when i run the test suite it asks to add an img element …
but i’m using an embed image from “getty images” which doesn’t have an img element in it’s code.
i’m stuck and not sure what to do,
i’d appreciate if someone could help me out

Don’t use it, use an actual image? The test is for an image. It sounds very mucha as if you’re using a service from company that prevents using the image directly that for copyright reasons (ie loading in an embed so that you can’t access the actual image). Don’t use that service, use something else. Getty is a service for news/media organisations to license images from photographers, it’s not just a free image service.

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i’m new to all this and don’t know much about image copyright

It’s kinda common sense. Say you are a photographer. You make your money from taking photographs. If you let anyone use those images for free you don’t make any money and you can’t survive by taking photographs. Getty Images is a photo agency. You allow Getty to sell your photographs. They take a cut of sales in exchange for making it easy for people to buy them and making sure people don’t steal them.

  • the test for this project needs an image element to pass.
  • the service you’re trying to use won’t provide you that
  • this isn’t a copyright issue, this just won’t work
  • if you find an image online, does it have something that says it is free to use (for example is it on Wikipedia commons)? If yes, you can use it.
  • this is a throwaway basic project, almost just for personal use (it will be displayed somewhere public so that it can be tested, but that’s all) so it doesn’t really matter too much in this specific case
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what do you mean my actual image?
and can you suggest any site from where i can use an image and proper ways to credit them.

Try Googling “free images” or “copyright free images” or similar

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As in a .jpeg or .png or .gif file or whatever.

<img src="http://some-image-sute/its-an-image.jpg" />
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hey thanks for the help…
i found another site to get free images (wikimedia commons)
and used “attribution generator” to properly give them attributes

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