Need help with the links in my portfolio page

Hi everyone. I am new to coding. I’ve been practicing for a few weeks now, but I am stuck with the portfolio page. I can’t get the links to work in my navigation bar. Here’s the link to my portfolio page:

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

You need to put jQuery ( Settings > JS > add jQuery and probably Bootstrap).

Then let us know if it works !

PS: you can open your Dev Tools and look into the console - that’s where it says that !

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Just tried it. It didn’t work.

Hi. I am new too. I found a lot of information on w3schools . com under bootstrap / bootstrap get started, looking for the section I am working on, trying their example according to the result I am looking for. There you will also see the parts are done with some style and how to apply style to your page or how to use bootstrap classes. There is a section for navigation bar which is the bar that will have the links to your page sections. It is very important to read codes. I learn that I have to read codes and learn how to apply them. But each one of us develops a style on it’s own. If you don’t know jQuery or JavaScript you can use Bootstrap and override the code don’t give you the results you want with some css, until you reach a more advance level. Google what you want for your page. There is a lot of people asking the same questions. And, there are a lot of answers. It takes reading, but little by little we get used to read, and read and read code.
Don’t feel bad, I have been working the whole week with my portfolio challenge, looking for the results I want. I am my own client :slight_smile: Go for it.

I think you should take a look at Bootstrap default-navbar - you navbar is missing quite a few pieces - which is ok if you’re ready to tweak a lot to make it work…

You should have navbar, navbar-nav, and ul to organise your <a> links.

I’ve tried creating “id” tags to target the links, I’ve tried adding jQuery, I’ve used anchors… Nothing seems to work. I’m thinking there must be something I’m overlooking, but I don’t know what.

Just tried reformatting my nav bar. It looks different, but still can’t get it to target the links. I thought that the anchor would target the id’s that I have set in my code?

I don’t know why but the console still prints that you need jQuery - odd.

I can’t help you for your function but if I may say so - simply linking your <a> links can be done in the html with fewer lines of code - though I understand it’s interesting to try it wit js.

I finally figured it out! It wasn’t going to my anchors because I had the anchor name capitalized (#Home). Where as in the body, I had it lower cased (id=home). I can’t believe it was such a simple mistake. This took me days to figure out! lol

Thanks to everyone though!

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aaaaargh classic ! feels good when you figure it out though :slight_smile: