Need help with the tribute page

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So I’ve just completed my Tribute page. I’ve reviewed the code over again, but there’s 1 more task that I somehow haven’t done. I considered it being an issue with the image since it could possibly not be centered, but even after flexing it and assigning the align-self and justify-contents to center, I’m still left with 9/10 tasks complete. My best guess to this issue would probably either be something with the [id = ‘image’], or the [id=‘tribute-info’], but nothing’s working. Could anyone help out?

Edit: I just troubleshot most of the issues. User stories 1-7 are all clean. It’s most likely something to do with the photo. I also added a media to the img that made it shrink responsively when shrunk to a certain width. Still 9/10.

Edit 2: The issue is also not related to a parallax photo I implemented. There were no changes to tasks when I removed it.

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Completed. What’s left to do is review the errors.

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Challenge: Build a Tribute Page

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maybe the image is set to display: flex , set it to display: block;

Try using the “max-width” style property : expected ‘none’ to not equal ‘none’

I just tried it. Sadly, using max-width didn’t fix the issue. Also setting positions to block didn’t help either.

click on thr 9/10 to see the failed user stories

look below the failed user stories for details on why it’s failing (there can be more than one reason, but only one is shown, so if you fix what’s written and it still fails you will need to check that again)

Thanks you so much! I just completed the last task!