Need Help with this_Code "SOLVED"

I am doing Exactly what it says but still it is WRONG. What is Happening?

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function myLocalScope() {
var myVar = 5;

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Challenge: Local Scope and Functions

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hi @Shadow2

use the above string value for myVar , instead of 5

What do you mean @sobadrdb?

the line above say

‘use strict’;

so myVar = ‘something’

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Cant find that in the code ):

just use string value try myVar='5';

// running tests You should add a local


variable. // tests completed // console output 5

Click the “Reset All Code” button to reset the test. DO NOT change anything that is already there. Just add your local variable in the myLocalScope function.

okay, you almost did right

var myVar = 5;

you just have to change it to string

var myVar = '5';

Didn’t work, it says it is WRONg

Actually, it doesn’t need to be a string. The issue here is not that definition of the local variable. The issue is that other code was changed. If you reset the code and just add the local variable (which can be set to a string or number) it will work.

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What noo. i dont want to restart all of my code, i am done all only need this to finish it

sory that mean you already change something

That button doesn’t reset all of your code, just the code in this challenge.

And yes, that button should be changed to something like “Reset Code for this Challenge”

yea sory, i just copied his.code and paste it to my code tab

Let me see if it works

Let me see if it works.

Nop, Sigh Did not work, I even copied and pasted from the video (if you wantesd help) And did NOT WORKKK :sob:

Please post your new code here.

what code, like the new code, like when you reset it?