Need hepl in Prioritize One Style Over Another code

why I am not passing in this… Is there any mistake in this code??

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body {
  background-color: black;
  font-family: monospace;
  color: green;

<h1 class="pink-test">Hello World!</h1>

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Challenge: Prioritize One Style Over Another

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Welcome, mohitkd.

The instructions say:

Create a CSS class called pink-text

Now have a careful look at what you have written…

Hope this helps

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but i already created a class!!!

I realise that. You have a typo in your code. Read carefully.

I am not getting it please tell me where is the mistake!!

ohh i got it… lol

the typo was the period before pink-text right🤔

@flamey, short answer, no. A period is for a class, the pound sign is for an id.
Since the OP has found and corrected the problem the typo was that they had ‘pink-test’ while the lesson said to use ‘pink-text’