Need HTML and CSS Tips and Feedback for Tribute Page

Hi fCC,
I need your support, tips and feedback on my first project Tribute Page.
Please do have a look and provide feedback, Is my page perfect?
How can I make my page Responsive? What else i needed to do?
Here’s the link:

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The title and image are beautifully done. However all the info below that is so cramped it is hardly readable. Try putting as much care and taste into presenting the “facts”.

Okay. There are a few tips you’ll need to know that re essential for web development:

  • Always add some margin and padding to your elements so that they are more balanced around the page. Your page’s items look crammed into each other so much that they are going to suffocate.
    A good 15% of padding on the left and right sides of your <p> elements would be good. Center the h1 text.

  • Most of the time, I would, unless it is a background image, keep its height under 80% of the browser’s height.

  • The background makes the text hard to see. A light gray (or rgb(200, 200, 200) in the rgb light spectrum) would be much better than the color you added.

Great work. Keep it up.