Need Ideas For Extra Practice

Hey everyone,

I have a quick question. I like FCC however, I feel it really lacks in the area of repetition. You’ll learn how to do something and then it quickly jumps to something else without really making sure you have a solid understanding of what you just learned before moving forward.

So my question is, what can I do to practice, let’s say a JavaScript exercise that I just learned in the curriculum?


The best exercise that gives results is to build something. You shouldn’t rely on any online course/ tutorial. Start building your own projects and use what you’ve learned! Copy a site that you like or build an app that you love to use. In that way you’ll starting to build a portfolio too!

Just give it a try and you’ll see amazing results.

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Thanks Christinakal, I do have a portfolio with various websites that I’ve built. And yes you’re right about not relying on any site or tutorial.

But, I guess my question is more focused on JavaScript at this point. The problem I’m having is that there’s so much to memorize with JavaScript that I feel like I need to develop some sort of system to practice with repetition anything new that I learn so that it can “stick” better.

The FCC is doing its job well, becasue it’s learning you programming.

If you ask me, the systems make learning process very complex and like to explain every detailed possible doings and stuffs, are kind of killing learners imaginations and creativity.

But you are now, in a very great state. You are learning basic stuffs. And so soon you get ideas in mind to start something cool. This idea and creativity is becasue of way you learnt programming by FCC.

Don’t ask for the fish, instead learn fishing.

Keep goin on great work, happy programming.

@jasonrivera1986 Well, I started seeing improvement at my JavaScript skills when I started developing WebGL projects. 3D in the web is quite rising at this moment and amazing! If you are interested you should check some engines like Playcanvas/ThreeJS. It will take your JS skills into the next level!

Where are you up to in the curriculum, Jason?

Once you start doing the algorithms you will find you start applying the JS you learned more meaningfully and that really helps it stick. If you need more algorithms than those provided, you could try Codewars or other coding challenge sites.

Aside from that, as @Christinakal suggested, building stuff is the best practice.

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Project Euler is a fun way to practice solving problems programattically.

I find it best to take a new concept or algorithm and start fiddling with it on

You’re learning by doing, on the other hand, you’re not constrained by time or objectives.