Need ideas for tribute page

I need help finding someone to do a tribute page on. In my eyes, no one in this world deserves a tribute page, or already has so much about them that it would be repetitive. Society works on each other to do amazing things, not just one person. If you think of a tribute page like the works and accomplishments, then what famous or hard working person doesn’t already have one or enough? Let me guess, i’m going to get recommended Steve jobs or some medical researcher. If a lot of people get paid decent money researching a disease, someone will find a break through after a while, simple as that. Who made that lab researching equipment? Who researched that? There is no one person in history (that doesn’t already have a ton of tributes) that has, by himself only, done something truly amazing. You can climb the highest mountain, but who cares? We can see it from google maps.

You may then recommend people who serve our country, like police, army, etc. There is 1.49 million military active service personal in the USA army, its a group effort, not just one singular person. No one person in the military has done something greater then the whole military itself.

Bill gates and Steve jobs were born in the right time period, that is why they succeeded. You cant create any of the current technology at your house like back in the days it started in, so, again, was just a matter of time for someone to light the spark and to make a small breakthrough. Microsoft would of failed of it tried to start in 2017. You also have the Dev team that is in Microsoft, not just bill gates.

The accomplishments of someone were made possible by the person before them. We make self driving cars, because someone invented the car itself. Someone invented the wheel, someone came across fire, etc. We are like the 100th story of a building. The civilization before us only depends on the civilizations/accomplishments/floors before it, not the ones after it.

You would say do a president i liked, but someone had to found that country, someone had to build that ship or be apart of that army who keeps it safe.

Everyone has tiny successes that build up to make massive accomplishments, then again we all rely on each other. If you have to dig to find the person to do a tribute page on, then are they really a big part of society? Looking at some of these people i was going to make it on, they are kinda one-hit wonders. They struggled there whole life, to finally do one thing. No one is perfect on earth. We are all apart of a gear box. We do more as our gears move faster because time is pushing the pedal. 2nd gear only relies on 1st gear, not 3rd gear.


I think that you can do a Tribute Page on you.

I think you’re overthinking this.


Then how do i think over it properly?

It doesn’t really matter. It’s a bit of a shame that you have no-one you admire or look up to, but the real point of the project is really just to make a simple webpage with HTML, CSS, and maybe Bootstrap or some other library. It doesn’t really matter if your tribute page is to someone incredible like Florence Nightingale or someone obnoxious and stupid like Piers Morgan.

But to help you make up your mind, just pick Florence Nightingale.

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Haha, I love the “Ideas?” at the end.

Wonderful. Your post read as if it came from a cosmopolitan viewpoint. You see deep into things, very analytical.

So, my proposal: why not a tribute page for the entire world? Or a tribute to the cosmos?


I do have people in my life that i admire, like a parent. Then again, there is millions of other parents too, who have there own kids. I can love a parent and like a president, but they all in some way work together to accomplish something in society.

The point of the exercise is just to apply the html and css you’ve learned in the course so far, not to shine a light on some under-appreciated hero. Make a page for your mom, or your barista, or your garbage collector.


I understand its for html and css, but i want to enjoy it.

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I did my tribute project on raccoons. :slight_smile: I think you might find it helpful to use the word topic instead of tribute.


Make a tribute page to anti-individualism.



Nice idea, ill consider that.


But individuals rely on each others to do something worth noting.

All together guys should i just do my tribute on life as a whole? Yes, no, maybe so?

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Solomon Grundy


Little confused?

I made a tribute page on Rubik’s cube. I’ve also seen someone make a tribute page on the concept of laziness.

It doesn’t matter what you do your tribute on, and the Solomon Grundy nursery rhyme has a really simple timeline to it that meets the user stories.

You don’t need to bikeshed the focus of the page, just build the thing :slight_smile:



Most of the outcomes from that poem have little relation to the poem itself.


cool, i think im starting to go towards the society idea to include everyone’s accomplishments. I could also do a page on something small like, in this example, the Rubiks cube.

LOL i might use this as a template. @lionel-rowe

The poem is the bio :open_mouth: