Need ideas for tribute page

It doesn’t really matter. It’s a bit of a shame that you have no-one you admire or look up to, but the real point of the project is really just to make a simple webpage with HTML, CSS, and maybe Bootstrap or some other library. It doesn’t really matter if your tribute page is to someone incredible like Florence Nightingale or someone obnoxious and stupid like Piers Morgan.

But to help you make up your mind, just pick Florence Nightingale.

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Haha, I love the “Ideas?” at the end.

Wonderful. Your post read as if it came from a cosmopolitan viewpoint. You see deep into things, very analytical.

So, my proposal: why not a tribute page for the entire world? Or a tribute to the cosmos?


I do have people in my life that i admire, like a parent. Then again, there is millions of other parents too, who have there own kids. I can love a parent and like a president, but they all in some way work together to accomplish something in society.

The point of the exercise is just to apply the html and css you’ve learned in the course so far, not to shine a light on some under-appreciated hero. Make a page for your mom, or your barista, or your garbage collector.


I understand its for html and css, but i want to enjoy it.

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I did my tribute project on raccoons. :slight_smile: I think you might find it helpful to use the word topic instead of tribute.


Make a tribute page to anti-individualism.



Nice idea, ill consider that.


But individuals rely on each others to do something worth noting.

All together guys should i just do my tribute on life as a whole? Yes, no, maybe so?

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Solomon Grundy


Little confused?

I made a tribute page on Rubik’s cube. I’ve also seen someone make a tribute page on the concept of laziness.

It doesn’t matter what you do your tribute on, and the Solomon Grundy nursery rhyme has a really simple timeline to it that meets the user stories.

You don’t need to bikeshed the focus of the page, just build the thing :slight_smile:



Most of the outcomes from that poem have little relation to the poem itself.


cool, i think im starting to go towards the society idea to include everyone’s accomplishments. I could also do a page on something small like, in this example, the Rubiks cube.

LOL i might use this as a template. @lionel-rowe

The poem is the bio :open_mouth:

I sincerely hope you don’t mean you’ll steal my code (though I understand the temptation, it’s definitely one of my finer projects).

Personally, I think it’s a little over designed with those 15px of margin on either side.

Good effort though. Solid B-

Lol its tempting, ill submit to google as ground breaking technology.

enjoy the art of crafting the page itself.

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