Need ideas for tribute page

I sincerely hope you don’t mean you’ll steal my code (though I understand the temptation, it’s definitely one of my finer projects).

Personally, I think it’s a little over designed with those 15px of margin on either side.

Good effort though. Solid B-

Lol its tempting, ill submit to google as ground breaking technology.

enjoy the art of crafting the page itself.

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I made a tribute for the band Pulp because I want to use lots of pictures and embedded videos.

Then I decided to combine the random quote generator, weather api. And Wikipedia in the same project.

It’s basically a rabbit hole project but I enjoyed every minute of it.

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I feel the exact same way. It is just doesn’t feel right to admire people.. So I made mine like a parody, I made a tribute page to the electron and filled it with witty humor.

The Electron

wow @owel that is really cool. How did you do the google maps? I tried something like that but couldn’t do it. How did you make everything dragable?

@ninjaboynaru cool

How did you make everything dragable?

I used this:

How did you do the google maps?

Feel free to look at source code.

Honestly, I ended up doing mine on one of my favorite tv shows. I chronicled the history of the show, then added an episode and cast list.

As long as you complete the “user story” requirements you can really do the tribute on anything: tv show, movie, band, animal, book, video game, taco variety. It’s mainly to showcase the skills you’ve learned so far (which folk have mentioned already). The subject matter meanwhile is subjective.

And trust me the project is way more enjoyable when you pick something you dig to do it on. So if you got a favorite something, do it on that.

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Let me guess, you’re an INTP. I got just the right person for you, check out Diogenes.

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There’s a point where philosophical masturbation can become paralyzing.

I’m not sure how to take this - it may be a great example of Poe’s Law.

Really? Buddha? Obi-wan? Rosa Parks? Helen Keller? Your favorite teacher? Ford Prefect? Koko the gorilla? Just pick someone, anyone. Your choice isn’t going to define the rest of your life.


I made mine about our dog. I never submitted it but after readings these comments it’s not that silly.

You can do a tribute to nihilism and sinergy.

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Frank Julian Sprague, he is the most unrecognized engineer do to the Westinghouse buying him out. Then the Westinghouse Co. covering his name up with theirs to hide who really created the electric subway car.

Thanks all, your tribute pages look great, along with you advice. I’m doing mine on the accomplishments of our society, because everyone is involved :slight_smile:

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Joining this late but other ideas for future readers… your college, some place you’ve been- city, country; activities like baseball or heck knitting.

Or even make a ‘tribute’/topic page about a current event (heaven knows we had a ton of them in 2017…).

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Dude. Stop.

You’re thinking too much. FCC just wants to see you create a small page that meets the few requirements they’ve given you. It does not matter which person you do it on.

Atleast that’s what I think, because if the person we tribute matters, then I am in trouble…

Because I made mine on Gingka Hagane… :3

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I did mine on a fictional character because I felt the same way (although I wasn’t annoyed or anything). It was very tongue in cheek. The point of the project is to make a web page, not pay tribute to anyone.


I want to enjoy the projects i make. Not going to research a boring person because who will read that? Not even me. Most of the people i see really only had a couple note worthy accomplishments in there life.

If we all thought the same, we would accomplish nothing. Thanks for your example, iv been looking at a lot of tribute pages to see how i should structure mine.


There is nothing wrong with doing it on a fictional character, since its if you like it or not that matters. Not going to sit here and do a tribute page on someone who doesn’t deserve it.

You still seem to be waaaaayyyyy overthinking this. No one is going to remember what you did on this. This isn’t a face tattoo you’re getting. It’s a silly little project that will be forgotten almost immediately. There isn’t any real “research” - I did about 5 minutes for mine.

If you really can’t find someone, real or fictional, then why not an abstract concept? How about penicillin? Buddhism? Recycling? Hamburgers? Or just make someone up? A favorite book, movie, game Really, it could just be lorem ipsum - the point is the coding and structure. They tell you to pick someone to make it interesting, not to paralyze you with panic because you feel this is going to follow you around for the rest of your life or that you will be judged by who you choose. Just choose something, finish the project, then forget about it. The point is the learning, not the personality statement.