Need ideas for tribute page


I created mine in like 10 minutes, and never even looked back. It’s not a significant project, IMO; I wouldn’t put it on a portfolio.

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Maybe a little bit of overthinking, but I don’t have a problem with it. People who care and take pride in the little things they do will do well when they come to more serious challenges. If you didn’t get a lot out of the tribute page, it’s probably because you didn’t put a lot of care and thought in.

For example, check out this camper’s tribute page. He obviously put a lot of thought and care into designing it much more than the ordinary camper.

I couldn’t think of something to write, so I did a sarcastic tribute to someone who I really don’t like.


“Not going to research a boring person because who will read that?”

Tbh, that’s the point everyone is trying to make, I think, Even if you researched an ‘interesting’ person (even though every individual has a different view of what an interesting person is), most people still wouldn’t bother to read it, because they just wanna see how you code, and whether you can code or not.

But your point about wanting to enjoy the projects you make is pretty good, and important. Anyways, good luck with whatever you decide to do.

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Hey guys i have started the tribute page and here is so far -->

I’m having the issue that the figcaption is not allied horizontally with the one next to it. The right one is slightly too low. The margins and padding’s are exactly the same.


 figcaption {
  margin-top: 10px;
  margin-bottom: 10px;
  background-color: rgba(247, 249, 251, 0.8);
  padding: 2px;

If i try to change that margin or padding, both will move equally…

I thought this issue was too small to start a new thread about. I know the html doesn’t look good yet, that is because i want to make it before i fine tune it.

The margins on the captions are exactly the same, but you failed to check the other elements around them. The second image has a bottom margin while the first image does not - that’s what’s causing the problem.

Edit: More specifically, check which elements have this class:

.figure-img {
    margin-bottom: 0.5rem;
    line-height: 1;
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Thanks, i was missing a class :smiley: @IsaacAbrahamson

“Bill gates and Steve jobs were born in the right time period, that is why they succeeded.”

This is absolutely wrong, there were thousand of other individuals who were born at that time and also had the same opportunity that Steve jobs and Bill gates had. As a matter of fact, Bill was not the only one who went to Harvard, neither was he the only one that had access to a computer, nor was he the only one that built software at the time.

Many of the same of his colleagues that went to Harvard, had basically the same opportunity. It was a matter of preparation meeting opportunity, combined with smart thinking and a strong vision of the future of computers.

Also, remember that Steve was a drop out. so it had nothing to do with been born in the right period. because no one can determine when its the right period or not to do something. and remember computer programming was not easy back then as it is right now. there were no fcc, codecademy or online sites to learn programming as it is right now.

At the time yahoo was king of search engine, if Larry and Sergey had thought that was not the right time bacause they would be eaten by the big giant, we wouldn’t have had google that we all use today. its all about see a problem solving it and trying to make existing solutions better.

I also agree that team work makes the dream work. its all a combined effort.