Need little bit of your time to give me feedback on my Product Landing Page project

Hi, every one. Greetings from here :raising_hand_woman:t2::raising_hand_woman:t2:

Am new to FCC and this is first time posting. Am working on the responsive web design projects (I will drop all of the links in my portfolio project) and I badly need your feedback on my currently done Product Landing Page project. Here is the link to the project

Looking forward to here what you are about to give me.

The project looks great.
I’ve got one problem on my desktop screen.
In your .hero section. The buttons are covered with .hero__wrapper::after element.
So :hover, click and cursor:pointer doesn’t work on them.

Ps. I really like your design :slight_smile:

@narghar Thanking you for your feedback, I think I might have solved the problem you encounter could you please take a look at it and confirm me back?

Nice site but a few tips:
1 Maybe change your fonts to a smaller type when I size it down the letters stay very big. This isn’t to pleasant on a mobile.
2 the phone image has a weird white lining around it. This makes it looks like a sticker instead of a nice image on your site.
3 don’t be afraid of a little shadows behind your images/buttons
4 add an arrow to guide your ussers to bellow most people going on the site will not automaticly scroll down

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@KittyKora Thank you a lot for your suggestions and comments. I will definitely update the changes.
Thank you again! :love_you_gesture:

Well done, the problem is gone.

I don’t know whether it is intentional of your design, but in my opinion, these animations of underline on hover in the main menu have too much padding from links on Desktop.

Their width as wide is their parent (i.e. the links BTW they are after pseudo elements) but the cubic-bezier function I used to translate them made them wide beyond the parent width and that is intentional it seems cool to me.