Need more project at the end of each Subcourse

i am currently learning this "Applied Visual design " and i completed it but i am not satisfied with it it was just looking and putting the changes there i did learn something but not as many as i should i think there should be a project at the end of each main topic like this after Applied Visual design they should require to submit a project about Applied Visual design course so that we practice and put some head into it. like there are many motion controls and color schemes and sudo elements and much more i forgot LOLZ see thats wht i am talking about as we move forward we forgot.

wht are your suggestions ?

(sorry for my English,grammar and spells i am not good at anything)

There are 5 projects that require using what you learned in this section as well as the sections that immediately follow.

these projects are only 30% of what we learned

How exactly did you calculate 30%?

well if u look at the courses they are like 200 more or less lessons in one course which covers the movement,colors,design,accessibility,flex,sudo elements , forums, graphics, animation control and the complex of all curves etc and the projects are too basic and general wht i am saying is they need to add more complex projects or sub projects that covers those 200+ lessons in one course.

You can use whatever you want in your projects. If you want to use animation, then nothing is stopping you from doing that. The projects do not limit you on what you can do, they only specify the minimum requirements you must do.

Free Code Camp is not comprehensive. It gets you started and then you must do much more outside research beyond what the challenges expose you to.

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You can also take the project as a jumping off point to add more to it. I had started going back over my old FCC projects and redoing them with new technologies like converting from HTML/CSS to React.

You can make your projects as complex as you like, the minimum requirements that FCC gives you are just that, minimum requirements.

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