Need new project idea?

Hi guys, actually I am stuck I need to prepare a moderate project for my algorithm and data structure project but I don’t want to make another terminal based C++ project, I want to use my JavaScript knowledge so any idea for a nice project which will be fun to work on would be really helpful.

What about something like a movie database? Where you use APIs such as Trakt to make a new UI for it.

Thanks for suggesting it’s interesting but we need to specifically use some graph or tree algo or some backtracking or dynamic programming like technique, so if u know how can I use any of these concepts ??

So, if you want to do something with graphs or trees, you can “convert” your C++ code into JS. You can try to render nodes of graphs and apply algorithms on them. It’s like your console app but into a new form, a graphic / visual form. I think you need to do these algorithms for your college, so it’s a nice way to represent them and you’ll get a nice grade. Anyway it’s just an idea. I hope I helped you.

Thanks for suggesting