Need of 'Machine Learning' in 'Scientific Computing'

I know basic of Python, I have read in some articles, Posts and University requirements that you need to know ‘Machine Learning’ or respective basics to work/to get admission in ‘Scientific Computing field’. why it needed? So is it worthy to join special course of ‘Scientific Computing by using Python’ for certification. or Do i join ‘Machine learning by using Python’.

I am confused to choose. Please help me out from this confusion. I will really appreciate your help.

Machine Learning is different than Scientific Computing.

Scientific Computing is, broadly speaking, the use of computers and software to solve complex scientific problems.

Machine Learning is a branch of Artificial Intelligence that is about making programs improve their performance without human interaction.

These two fields do overlap, but they are separate fields.

Both of the freeCodeCamp certificates offer a good introduction into the respective topics.

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@JeremyLT Thank you.