Need Office employee attendence system

In my office,
we have a checkin/checkout register where we note down the time of entry/exit of employees.
Now i want some desktop application to do that.
Where employees enter their time at office entrance on pc instead of on paper
Any suggestions are welcome.
It would be great if it send daily reports to Hr and managers in any format.
Preferably open source.

Does your office have any existing database software? What you’re asking for would be trivially easy to implement in something like MS Access (although Access is pretty bad, it’s the only one I’ve used).

You could also make something pretty simple that fulfils your criteria as a web app (or Electron app if it had to be desktop based).

Your last question was about making an E-commerce platform. Your time-in / time-out tracker idea is about 1000x less complicated! With a little Node and mongo under your belt this is a pretty nice little beginner side project with real value to your current employer. Making these types of programs for my employer was how I got started coding years ago :slight_smile:


Why don;t you use a raspberry pi with Bluetooth or NFC signal to capture the different people coming.This way you can see who come or not.

Because use keyboard to tell we are here, it’s just annoyed. But if I use a badge, a phone, it’s easier. You can also use a card like they use on the bus. Or just put a touchscreen lol.

After that, it’s just matching a and id and a key / certificate with your database.