Need 'shuffleButton'?

Hi all.

I’m all, first time here and really need a hand.
I’m trying to include a ‘shuffle’ button to shuffle the playlist in my online audio player.
All tracks are in a folder and the player currently lists all the tracks alphabetically.
I would like to have the playlist shuffle once when it loads and a button on the player for the user to re-shuffle.

Here’s the code:

const musicContainer = document.getElementById('music-container');
const playBtn = document.getElementById('play');
const prevBtn = document.getElementById('prev');
const nextBtn = document.getElementById('next');

const audio = document.getElementById('audio');
const progress = document.getElementById('progress');
const progressContainer = document.getElementById('progress-container');
const title = document.getElementById('title');
const cover = document.getElementById('cover');
const currTime = document.querySelector('#currTime');
const durTime = document.querySelector('#durTime');

// Song titles
const songs = [
  '70s Sons - USA - Climb',
  'A Good Rogering - USA - Face Value',
  'A Permanent Shadow - Spain - Beautiful People',
  'Abandoned Playground - Sweden - Dead Bones',
  'aDTR-Thunda-ID Stinger',
  'Aition - Finland - Beata',
  'Ambrose Gibbs - USA - Searching To Find Myself',
  'Amnesia Blues Band - Australia - Nullabor Blues',

// Keep track of song
let songIndex = 1;

// Initially load song details into DOM

// Update song details
function loadSong(song) {
  title.innerText = song;
  audio.src = `music/${song}.mp3`;
  cover.src = `images/${song}.jpg`;

// Play song
function playSong() {

// Pause song
function pauseSong() {


// Previous song
function prevSong() {

  if (songIndex < 0) {
    songIndex = songs.length - 1;



// Next song
function nextSong() {

  if (songIndex > songs.length - 1) {
    songIndex = 0;



// Update progress bar
function updateProgress(e) {
  const { duration, currentTime } = e.srcElement;
  const progressPercent = (currentTime / duration) * 100; = `${progressPercent}%`;

// Set progress bar
function setProgress(e) {
  const width = this.clientWidth;
  const clickX = e.offsetX;
  const duration = audio.duration;

  audio.currentTime = (clickX / width) * duration;

// Event listeners
playBtn.addEventListener('click', () => {
  const isPlaying = musicContainer.classList.contains('play');

  if (isPlaying) {
  } else {

// Change song
prevBtn.addEventListener('click', prevSong);
nextBtn.addEventListener('click', nextSong);

// Time/song update
audio.addEventListener('timeupdate', updateProgress);

// Click on progress bar
progressContainer.addEventListener('click', setProgress);

// Song ends
audio.addEventListener('ended', nextSong);

// Time of song

I’ve tried adding the line

const shuffleBtn = document.getElementById(‘shuffle’);

but can’t seem to get it to function

Can’t you just shuffle the array? That, or pick the elements using random numbers for the index.

What constitutes a “good” playlist shuffle algorithm is also not set in stone.

What is it you expect that line of code to do on its own?

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Do you have another codes?

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