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Hello everyone, I’ve been following the FreeCodeCamp courses for the past couple of months. And currently, I planned on getting proper practice on the front-end web development. So far , I’ve completed the first three certification course which helped me gain a lot of experience in HTML,CSS and JavaScript with React and Jquery. However, I believe i may need a little bit more exposure in Redux.
My plan is to get a front-end developer job and gain some experience before moving on to the back end development. And afterwards, I think data visualization/data science/machine learning may fit well for me in the future when I’m thorough with Coding.
My question is, is there anything wrong in the way I’ve planned or is it a good idea to start off my career this way? I may appreciate a better and rational idea than this.
Thanks in Advance

Edit:- If you want to know, In which field I’d want to work. I love coding and i desperately want to become a pro in it. So, I’d like to get exposed to several different fields. It can be front-end, back-end, data science, machine learning .etc

Hi @salmanthasleem as far as I know (I’m more data science oriented), you have made a very good beggining for Front End. Your enthusiasm is good.
Regarding Back End, I think they use different languages like PHP, Ruby, Java, Net and Python and even SQL, MySQL and so on. Also their functions are different.
By the moment I recommend you to finish well what you have begun (Front End) and examine the Job market.

Now, Data Science and Machine Learning:

Many people dont like to heard that, but anyways. The truth is that you need certain quantitative proficiency in addition to coding to do ML.
NLP, ImageRecognition will need even more specialized knowledge (go and watch some projects on Kaggle by yourself if you dont believe me.)

So, my personal suggestion is, finish well front-end, and see if you really need to continue focusing in backend. If you get a Good Job, please, focus on that.
In Economics there is a concept called, Opportunity Cost. If you become an specialist in three or four fields, you take about Six years more(for example) . How much is the benefit compared with having taken only one (in two years) and having got a Job during the next four years.
Does it add something?
Hope this helps.

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Thank you for your advice, it means a lot to learn something from a better person than I am. I think I will focus on the front-end web development at the moment and get a good understanding and experience before becoming a full stack developer.
Do you think I could land on a job anytime soon with the skill I’ve learnt so far? It could even be an internship

You already are a great person.
Your enthusiasm for coding is marvelous.
Regarding the Job, certainly there are many front-end jobs. Landing a job will also depend, of your country, if you have a degree (not necessarily but is a Plus), the necessities of the company and so on.
Putting aside all that, you can get a Job. Only focus of optimizing your capabilities in coding and also, in how to use Git and GitHub.
Then i think there are two routes:

  1. You get a Job: I think, in this situation, you should focus on learning the practical side of the job during some time + gaining insight about the market. This will help you to know what you need to learn.
    Definitively, a job in the area will help you, directly or indirectly(you can make networking and gain a business perspective in reality .
  2. You find, difficult to get a Job: In this case, you have 2 options:
    2.1. Making Projects.
    2.2. Continue the full stacks route. (More opportunities and more responsibilities)

Sincerely Hope this helps. Keep going and never stops.
Postdata: I think this link could be useful.

Best of wishes

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If you already have a decent knowledge of JavaScript then (unless you already have experience in another language) learning Node would be a slightly easier way for you to get into full stack development. You are doing well. Keep going!

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Surely I will I’d check this link, thanks a lot for your advice

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That’s what i was thinking, thank you for pointing me to the right direction
Best wishes to you too

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