Need some advice for my profile

Hello friends, My name is Prashant Kumar, I am from India. I am learning web development since one year. I also built various projects and deployed it on free website hosting platforms like netlify and render. I am applying for internships and entry level jobs since two months but only get 2 interview call. I don’t understand where I am getting wrong. Please share your feedback about my profile and give some suggestions to improve myself or tell me where I am lagging behind.
My Github link- PrashantMaurya252 (Prashant Kumar Maurya) · GitHub
My resume GDrive Link- My Resume.pdf - Google Drive

I don’t have time right now to look over everything, but two months is not a lot of time. It’s like a drop in the ocean, the market is not the best right now and positions are very competitive. Keep applying, I wouldn’t really think too much about it until you have been applying for 6+ months and haven’t heard anything back

Thank You Cody_Biggs, I learned MERN stack and also built projects in it, I am currently practicing NextJs and building projects in that, Could you please suggest me in which technologies I should be focusing on upskilling ?


You will need a portfolio page. Recruiters won’t bother clicking through your GitHub to see a live project, when they have 10 applicants giving them an easier time. A clean, simple one page site is enough for a developer.

Learn how to use Bootstrap or use templates. Your UIs don’t look very appealing. I know, you are not applying for a designer position, but you will again lose against competitors with a better presentation.

Good luck for the job hunt!

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I’m grateful for your well wishes and encouragement for my job hunt. Your support means a lot to me, and I’m motivated to continue improving and pursuing opportunities in the field of web development.

Thanks again for your thoughtful response and best wishes!

Generally speaking the portfolio looks good. From what I know the Internship market in India is very competitive so try not to get too discouraged if it taks some time. As others have said Interviewers will rarely look over GitHub pages besides just glancing over them. Even more so for a Internship. A simple one page web page will help. Also try to tailor your CV for each application. Highlight your experience with the Skills/technologies they are looking for at the top. Your goal is it to make it hard for the recruiter not to put your CV to the next stage.

After this other Developers will take over and here people might look into your Github. A quick improvement suggestions for your projects that have more than one component. Add a quick archtiketure diagramm (you can make some nice ones for free using tools like lucidchar or excalidraw). This gives people a great one image overview of how your project looks and what you worked with.

Thank you so much, Siegfried.stumpfer! Your insights have been incredibly valuable, and I truly appreciate your help. I’m excited to put your suggestions into action, and I’m confident they’ll make a big difference. Your support means a lot to me, and I’m grateful for your guidance.