Need some advice, lost in thoughts

You can use Xamarin if you want to develop Android applications in C#.

You can also use kotlin for android development because kotlin is the future of android app


Here is my trajetory:

Worked as programmer in 1996 for 6 months.

After that (i was young, 18 years old), started University and was not working anymore, when i finished it was 2004!! i was not too serious that time. So in the end of 2004, i got a job in Support. It was good, i worked in various enterprises until 2016.

I got tired of doing support and around 2014, i started over studying by myself programming languages: Python, Ruby, Javascript, just the basics. And so started C#, ASP MVC, ASP NET.

After 2 years, i quit support and with courage started looking for a programming job - and take chances cause i am married with 2 little childrens, was a bad time to pay the bills…

So i like have now 1 year of experience in programming, and they pay me much better than support.
Did some projects with WPF, ASP MVC, Xamarin, NodeJS.

Just try to find remote jobs, solve the challenges in here (freecodecamp), codinggame, codeeval,

Maybe you get motivated again!!

You could learn Ruby now!! and next year try another new language for you.


Wow you really motivated me thanks!! started the frecodecamp challenges after i finish i will make some projects in C# and learn ruby and java!! thanks!!!

Glad to read that!!

I am still studying, never stopped.

Next year i am going to read about a language that i dont know to improve my knowledge.

I would highly suggest sticking your heels into the ground and learning JavaScript Vannilla plain old javascript, it is the language of the web now adays and is a very profitable language. You sound like you know how to program so learning a new language will be super easy for you. You’re also in the right place to learn javascript!! Hit up the map! Choose a certificate, Get to work! and you’ll know enough to be job ready before you know it!!
=) Im glad you’re here!! Good luck and I cant wait to see some projects you’ve made!

What are you asking? Which language to learn, or how to move forward with your work life? I don’t know whether or not learning a particular language or skill set will necessarily give you a more clear path ahead into the future (if I’m wrong, then somebody please chime in because I’d love to know what that magic language is!). As far as “direction” in general goes, I think you just need to start working wherever someone lets you start working ( I am assuming you want to “go into computers”). That’s it. From your background, might I suggest trying for a tester role? If you want to become a developer, then the path would be Tester -> Automated Tester -> Developer (I started out as tester for a few years and am now about a year into the second phase). Don’t be fooled thought, it is a lot of work and most likely will require quite an investment of time, whatever you choose to do.

Right! STICK WITH THE MAP. Don’t bounce around. Start at one end and work all the way through to the other. You WILL learn a lot of stuff.

Thanks!!! i can’t start working with QA here tho everyone that i know got stuck there and is very hard to get out…

i will stick with the map. will learn one by one!!