Need some advice on my career

It’s been a year I have been into the Software Industry and I am from India. I am 23 years old. At the start during my college time I just know only Java and Html. I am fast learner and I am very interested in Coding.

My company has a bond of 2 1/2 years but I joined to gain some knowledge. They gave me very low package(96000 per year - 8000 per month). I am not bothered about Salary as I am fresher so I started learning quick. I am good with HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and then I developed nearly 5 websites(mobile compatible).

Next I learned as my company is totally on and in a span of 2 months I became Team Lead. I am also very good at Angular, NodeJS , VueJS.

So now I am good at, Angular6, NodeJS, Vue, MySQL, Ionic(Full Stack Developer). But my problem is I am being paid very low as its the rule in my bond. So what should I do now. I should break my bond and search for good job? Or should I stay here and complete my bond.

What if my old company wont give pay slips if I break their bond(I need payslips with high value than my present salary)

I am totally in a confused state… :thinking: (Total Experience 16 months)

I suggest you to stay there and complete your bond . that time you have year of experiences and you get greater amount of salary with good package job …
If you are dreaming so high then you have to prove yourself do more project, learn more and more …
That’s all
Wish that you get what you want.

Ok thank u bruh :slight_smile: @Gunjan

You well come man @akki