Need some advice regarding projects

Is it good to use chrome dev tool to style my page?
Will it affect my skills ?
Should I use it ?

It can help narrow down the problem, sure, but honestly VS code with liveserver is just more convenient and ends up being much faster because of auto-complete and a myriad of extensions.

Didn’t quite understand your question about the skills. What did you mean by that?

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I mean It seems very easy to style my page using dev tool.
Is it a good thing to use it?
Or should I use only code editor to style ?

I thought you meant debugging your CSS and trying to figure out why certain things don’t work/don’t show up the way you want them to. That’s probably the main reason why some people are using dev tools to style some elements.

You do know that all the changes to the styles of your elements that you make in your chrome dev tools disappear when you reload the page, right? :slight_smile:

I copy codes from dev tools and paste in code editor :slight_smile: