Need some crucial tips

I new to software development. I wanted to ask that if I learn JavaScript completely, then will it become easy for me to learn Python, Swift and Java?

I would try to build stuff rather than focus on learning a laundry list of programming languages.

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Hi @_akshay !

My advice would be to focus on learning programming well.
Learn the fundamentals and build some good projects.

If you take the time to learn programming well then it will be easier to learn other programming languages like Python, swift, and java.

But as @JeremyLT mentioned, you don’t want to just learn random languages just because they are popular.

You should think about what you are building first and then figure out the appropriate tools for the project. :grinning:

Thanks, @jwilkins.oboe for your advice :slight_smile: Yes, as you mentioned I need to first learn to program and then choose the languages accordingly depending on the thing I want to build. I have started learning web development and want to build a complete service which has a web as well as an application platform so that it is easily accessible to the mobile and well as PC users.

Thanks @JeremyLT I agree :smiley:

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