Need some feedback/advice on weather app project

Hi guys,
I’ve finished my weather-app just a few minutes ago.
One thing what I see, that the webconsole complains about the font I used, however it is on a secured connection. Any guess?
The app sits on a live server and using openweathermap API.

The server sleeps for one hour at 3:00AM CET.

Any feedback welcome! =) Thanks!

I left the console messages on, so you can explore some more details there.
The response object and so on…

It isn’t loading anything for me. Do you not handle users who don’t want to display their location?

This tells me you have no entry/welcome page or any error pages.

Indeed, the geolocation needs to be enabled. The manual position picking is not ready yet.

Hi, finally found some time to make this.
If the geoLoc disabled or n/a, then a small form appears for the city and for the country code. Like: London,UK.