Need some feedback on CV, portfolio, etc

Been looking for a job for over 5 months now. I’ve sent over 1,500 applications and have only landed two interviews.

Recruiters keep calling me and telling me I’m a “perfect fit for the role” they have going and that they’d like to send my CV forward. Only that I never hear from them again.

I’ve recently completed my CompTIA ITF+ and am working on CompTIA A+, as well as a degree in Computing and IT (Software).

I’m familiar with JavaScript, React, Python, Html, Css, Express, etc. I’m looking for roles in IT support or as a developer and have been applying to everything I can find, even the most easy and straightforward jobs for my skillet and experience, and I’m still getting rejected.

Please take a look at my CV and tell me what is wrong? Why won’t employers touch me? I am about to be 25 and never had a full time job, have no savings, no car, no friends, no decent clothes, can’t afford my own food, worsening health, live with my parents still… All my peers moved on when they were 19-21. All I do is sit in my bedroom every day studying and sleeping because I have nothing in my life and it feels terrible. I’m really desperate for work. What is going on :frowning:

My CV: Screenshot-from-2024-05-23-13-00-52 hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB
GitHub: morganbanet (Alex Morgan) · GitHub

To add the only things that stick out as “wrong” about my profile to me is:

  • LinkedIn profile pic could be closer and maybe wear a suit jacket to appear more professional. The banner is also a bit unprofessional maybe?

  • Have not had a job since end of 2022, and don’t have any previous work experience in IT or development.

  • Portfolio and projects maybe a bit weak? (, and the social media app project on CV is not complete and only links to the code on GitHub

  • Have not worked on code-related projects outside of uni since Christmas as have been focusing on getting my CompTIA certifications out the way. Will return to coding soon.

Aside from the profile pic and last time I worked, I don’t feel like the other stuff there should be a major issue in gaining an entry level job… they’re things I can work on while being employed.

Please add thoughts on all this… is there something obvious about me or my profile I am overlooking but stands out to employers/others? Really need some help

Here are my two cents:

Important: I get a security warning trying to visit your portfolio site. I tried this in Chrome, Chrome incognito mode and Brave, same result, connection denied because of an invalid certificate.

Check the DNS of your costume domain if CNAME is correctly pointed at, that’s the most common reason for a security warning.

It should look like this

www CNAME ssl.<host>.com OR www CNAME ssl.<host>.com CNAME OR CNAME

Employers might have tried to check your portfolio and bumped into the security screen in recent time.

Absolutely get a new photo, the guy on the image looks uncomfortable and doesn’t want to be there. Something that shows confidence and someone you are happy to get to know and work with.

Best of luck.

Hey thanks for the reply.

I’ll renew my certificate and throw up a better pic by the end of tommorrow

Still though, even if my website works fine, and maybe if I add a better pic, I still don’t land interviews?

So there must be something I am not seeing? Maybe my CV sucks and perhaps I don’t know enough? Not enough languages or certifications? Maybe they don’t think I have the time since I am doing a degree (which I do, it is part time)? Maybe they don’t like I’ve been a waiter before? Maybe it’s because I’m a straight white male… or it’s my name?

I don’t understand? It’s been 5 months (never had full time job either) and just want to work in a proper place…

atm I am genuinely shocked at how poor I’ve had it at obtaining a job, and am fully convinced I am meant to go homeless :confused:

5 months is not a long time, and I know it feels like a long especially when looking for a job. Its harder to get a job now than it was a few years ago. I know people who applied to jobs for a year before they got hired, it just takes time. Remember to that your competition is with people who have a four year degree, and possibly certifications. In this way you need to make sure you stand out in every possible way. You got some good advice here, use it and make your stuff better. Then go ask another forum to take a look and use the advice they give, and then ask more people. If you have the money then you can look into getting help from a professional resume writer. The options are there

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I feel like you are misunderstanding.

I’ve never had a full time job. 7 years since I left college and I have never had a full time job. A few temp jobs here and there but I’m still stuck where I was 7 years ago, while everyone else has moved on.

Yes, I’ve been looking for IT jobs for the past 5 months, and no that is not “long” (although it shouldn’t be that long, job market is awful), but 7 years and never been given an opportunity?

I live in a small town so degrees and certifications are not common here. Obviously I’m apply to a wider area, and I’m also working on my degree and a second certification which is on my CV, so those are things I don’t need to be worried with.

I’ve looked around for CV writers and they all seem scammy? Also have no job so not much money for expensive services like that. Btw are you saying my CV is bad because I will update it if something looks wrong?

Already updated profile image and renewed my sites certificate. Going to need other advice. I’m already asking elsewhere as well.

So, I mean its good you have work experience on your resume, but to be honest its not they dont like you have been a waiter, its more that your waiter experience doesnt bring any value to the role you would be applying for. So, to get you experience for developer roles have you done any work on open source stuff? For example, FCC has a lot of open issues and only so many volunteers. You could look through the issues, and if you are able to find something you can work on and fix then that would help tremendously in your experience section of your resume, and give you something relevant to the role.

Also, how are you applying? I mean do you just hit send application and wait? What you could is after a day or two of applying write an email to the company and follow up with them. Let me them know you are excited about the position, and cant wait to hear back from the

Go on LinkedIn and for the company you are applying to, look for people with positions you applied for that work there. Send them a message about the position, and ask if they could pass your resume off to someone. I get a couple people every other week who message me about an opening for the company I work for and ask me to pass their stuff along. Some may not do it, but some might and it never hurts to get your resume in more hands

I dont know if I would list chatGPT as a “skill” unless you have some kind of AI in your projects. In that case I would make sure to highlight that

Site looks good and I didn’t get a security warning so that seems fixed. Github looks good. Your photo could be friendlier but hardly a deal breaker, I could imagine at least interviewing that person.

In the wider perspective it’s not an ideal time for hiring:

If any hiring manager links this profile and thread to you and reads a sentiment like this that certainly could be a major deal breaker.

You could try going to industry events, coding meetups and meeting a few people, learn together and share your work in person. If a company is hiring they are likely to ask employees if they know anyone.

I’ve listened a lot to podcasts like Coding Newbie and the fCC podcast, and your experience is not unique, it can be brutal, especially during periods where experienced people are being laid off and flooding the market place. Check out those podcasts they often have advice and strategies for looking for work.

Those 2 interviews that you did get, you can ask those hiring managers for any advice on how to improve your approach.

Be prepared for a long journey.

I will take a look at FCC things and similar I can work on soon. I really want to complete the CompTIA A+ certification first… I think working on open source issues would be really good on CV also…

Usually I do just hit send, but I try and apply through the company’s site if possible. I did actively send emails out before to a few managers of companies asking if they had any positions for a junior and I didn’t get much back unfortunately. Maybe I should try those some more plus the LinkedIn thing. I didn’t know asking employees to pass on CV on LinkedIn was appropriate… so never took that approach. I will give it a try.

Yeah I will remove the ChatGPT and CoPilot off, and put something more appropriate on. Thanks.

Hmm I do sometimes wonder though. It is something that effects a large percentage of candidates these days, it is not all fair for everyone and looking at how people see you in today’s society can provide some potential answers for yourself and others, especially how people see you professionally.

I probably wont fair well in a meetup… but I’ll give it a think, seen this mentioned a few times before.

Will take a look at the podcasts. Don’t think I’ll be able to contact those hiring managers now but will ask for feedback on any next interviews I may get… Thanks.

You can only consider the things you can change.

If you sit around and wonder if you are being discriminated against that is procrastination that you’re allowing to excuse yourself from working on becoming a better candidate. The SSL security warning that your site had could alone be 100% responsible for many missed interviews, no need for discrimination passed this.

Unless you are going to start a court case you are best served by forgetting about that line of thinking and creating an impressive programming project.

Jazz up your website. Write an AI chatbot for it. Add a more unique project.

Your website and projects seem solid but they are a bit generic and I feel like I’ve seen them on other sites. If there’s a specific company that you would like to work for maybe you can craft a project they would be interested in (a company smaller than Netflix for example).

Or a specific tool that solves a real problem that you’d like to solve.

Analyzing how one stands before others is critical in determining their potential successes and failures, no matter how impressive their work, education, or experience. To deny this would be to lie to ones self. It is not procrastination but a part of the process.

However the certificate was definitely an issue. I assumed I’d have to pay but it seems Netlify offers some type of certificates for free. Even so, 1,500 applications and only one visitor has actually send a message through the form at the bottom. The other five are people spamming my inbox with their SEO services :face_with_diagonal_mouth:. Makes me wonder if employers are actually checking my site…

I will definitely spruce up my website (really needs a new design) but first really want to focus on the CompTIA A+ certification as I see so many jobs simply listing this as their most required requirement and I am after either IT Support or Developer roles… Projects definitely need a redesign too, will add it all to the list. Thanks again,

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