Need some feedback :) (Survey form)

Hey everybody, I just finished my form and would like some feedback on my code. I’m not really an experienced HTML/CSS user so I feel like my code could be a lot better. But any feedback is welcome of course.


Link to my form

Your form looks really good to me. I’m new to this also so I’ll just suggest my opinion on a couple things.

I feel as though there’s no breathing room when I see a page where the main data is packed to the edges. If it suites your taste then maybe give #main some margin at the top and bottom:

#main {
  margin-top: 2em;
  margin-bottom: 2em;

Also if the Message block is optional then you could change the placeholder to Optional... or add “(Optional)” after “Write your message below:”.

Just my two cents. Also if you’re not already using them there are html formatting sites and verification sites t check your work.


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Thanks a lot! I did not know about the html formatting sites so thank you for telling me :slight_smile:

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