Need some Guidance on how to find my first job

Hi. I have graduated in the UK in 2019. I have regretted not making the right choice of modules I studied and ended up without any relevant experience, hence not being able to get a job despite having applied to 100+ jobs… Now after having a big thought and seeking advice from the others, I decided to enroll courses learning Data Science with Python and Android Studios (Java/Kotlin). I’d like to ask:

  1. Would the coursework/practice proposed from the course be suitable to put on my CV now? E.g In Android App course I came across Count Down Timer, so I completed the exercise of building an Egg Timer… would that be worth to put that on my CV?

  2. I understand that doing projects is essential, but how should I get started? (e.g Do I need to create an original app by myself? Are there other ways?) (For Data Science I can join Kaggle competition to gain experience, but are there other places for me to get ‘better’ experience?)

I am sorry if this takes long to read, but I feel lost when I browse through the job openings, and the job requirements are quite intimidating!


I have not gotten a job yet and am still in the first months of going through FreeCodeCamp lessons. However, one thing that has helped me get jobs in the past is the random projects I go and make. I would definitely suggest working on any project that you have thought would be useful. Even if it already exist it would still be fun to learn how a program functions.

Second, try looking for small low paying gigs if you can? I am not sure if you have craigslist in the UK but maybe something similar where you can work on a random project just to gain any experience.

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Thanks for your advice! Is craiglist similar to freelancer?

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Yes it is similar to freelancer but you can search jobs in your local area. Or use any other classifieds website.

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