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So, my greetings to everyone, I have just reached my first project, I wanted to know that, where should I do the project and like if it’s okay to do on my code editor how can I submit it?

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Challenge: Build a Tribute Page

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You can use whatever you want, as long as it meets the basic requirements.

A lot of people use codepen or some other online IDE, like replit, etc. Those are cool because they provide you and environment to work, share your code, and host the live app. It does all three in one. It also makes to easier for people to help you if you run into trouble.

But you can do it on your own, in your own editor. Then the issue becomes how do you share the code and a live app? You can share the code on github, but that isn’t a live app. Github does have gitpages where you can host a live app. You will have more than one so you probably want your projects in folders. Or there are other places to host your apps.

Which is better? That depends on you. An online IDE is nice because there are few things to think about which is nice for beginners. If you do it locally, there are a few problems you’ll need to solve. They are the same problems you’ll have to solve when you start building “real” apps, but you’ll have to solve them now instead of later. They’re not incredibly difficult problems, but they might be a distraction for some learners.

Wow, I wasn’t expecting so fast response, Thanks a lot for your help, and I feel,
I am gonna go the hard way and build it locally and I understand by your words that sooner or later, I have to do it anyway so why not now…

I agree with what @kevinSmith said about using IDE. They actually some cool stuffs called extension which will bring you so much ease in development. My advise to you is to use IDe or a text editor some of my favourite are atom, Vs code, and sublime text hope you like any of them.

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