Need some help grooming my CV

Hello Everyone, hope you are all right. I want to tell you that I am very bad at building my CV and updating my LinkedIn profile can you all please help me and share some helpful resources so that I can learn about it.

Hi @qadirpervez !

Here are some resources for resumes/cv.

I would encourage you to look at Danny Thompson’s linkedin series on YouTube.


thank you @jwilkins.oboe

You can also post it to the forum and ask for input. We only ask that you hide PII - emails, phone numbers, etc.

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Hello @kevinSmith can you visit my linkedin and tell me about my profile, I haven’t build my cv yet I will add it once it is done.

I took a look. It looks pretty good.

I would want a link to a CV and maybe a link to a portfolio.

The only think that struck me as a little odd was the phrase:

I love learning new technologies and solving algorithms.

To me, that sounds like something a learner would say, especially, “solving algorithms”. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think that professional developers think of that as a separate thing. It would be like a professional piano player saying, “I love Chopin and scales.” Sure, a professional pianist will practice scales and use them, but when describing what they do, I would not expect “scales” to come up.

I would say something like, “…solving problems.” or, “…finding creative solutions.” To me, that sounds more professional. You could also add another sentence. “I love working on algorithms for fun and keep myself sharp.”

I don’t know, maybe I’m way off base.

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Thank you @kevinSmith for looking at it, yes you are correct I have removed that line now.

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