Need some help on motion history image coding on matlab

i m a beginner for matlab. currently taking final year project about gait recognition system n i need to do Motion History Image coding. have my source code but still stuck. I really need ur help and advice. Thank you. :slight_smile:

This is the source code i found online:

function MHI = MHI3(fg)

% Initialize the output, MHI a.k.a. H(x,y,t,T)
MHI = fg;

% Define MHI parameter T
T = 15; % # of frames being considered; maximal value of MHI.

% Load the first frame
frame1 = fg{1};

% Get dimensions of the frames
[y_max, x_max] = size(frame1);

% Compute H(x,y,1,T) (the first MHI)
MHI{1} = fg{1} .* T;

% Start global loop for each frame
for frameIndex = 2:length(fg)

%Load current frame from image cell
frame = fg{frameIndex};

% Begin looping through each point
for y = 1:y_max
    for x = 1:x_max
        if (frame(y,x) == 255)
            MHI{frameIndex}(y,x) = T;
            if (MHI{frameIndex-1}(y,x) > 1)
                MHI{frameIndex}(y,x) = MHI{frameIndex-1}(y,x) - 1;
                MHI{frameIndex}(y,x) = 0;