Need some help with HTML/CSS

Well, it is very difficult for me lol. I tried it, loosely mirroring what you did. It worked somewhat on codepen but not so much with Visual Studio Code. I’m getting like a full box and nothing is separating. Might need to try and tinker around with the measurements. I’m trying to get a 2x2 stack with some marginal space in between to fit a small graphic over the edge.

When I increase the max-width of .box, I get a 2X2 stack in CodePen. Note though, for narrower screens like tablets and phones, they will not stack anymore, and you might want a media query to change the width of the boxes.

I noticed that. But I’m having difficulties now trying to move the box. Also don’t like how mine is turning out into one large box behind another box for whatever reason inside VSC. I was able to figure out by trial and error where the problem was at. Thanks for all the help.