Need some help with nav bar

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I’m trying to make a full length left nav bar that has a logo that is suppose to be at the upper most left. The first item in the nav list is “Home” and Im trying to format the work to appear as a title but I can’t seem to find the properties that will work for it. I’m trying to adjust the text size and the padding but it doesn’t seem to work. I attached my code from codepen below. Seems like I’m not able to cut and paste the code or attach a screenshot because I’m a new user. How can I let everyone see what I’m talking about?

Pls help.

I’m sorry I don’t see a link to your codepen. If you can post it again, I’ll see if I can help you :slight_smile:

Sorry, just learned to post a link today from codepen. I didn’t realize it meant to just copy and paste the URL.
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First lets start with the logo. Is this what you mean by “upper most left”?navHelp

Actually, I didn’t mean that I wanted the logo in the upper left with no margin or padding to the left side. I want it to be centered in the navbar section. Now it is left justified.

wrap the logo in a li inside of a ul then give the ul padding and margin of 0, text-align center and list style type none. and you should be good to go.

Remove the inline styling.

Give the logo nav img {margin: auto;} margin auto will center the logo.

Since, I’m not using li and ul , should i use them to make the navbar instead of nav and a?

The img tag should look like this after you remove the inline styles. You can control the height, width and margin from your css style sheet.

 <img src="" alt="React Native logo">
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Is this what you are trying to do?

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THanks, it worked. Really appreciate your help!