Need some help with portfolio


What github url link do I use specifically for my portfolio to show recruiters? Do I provide them with the repository name that my portfolio is in? Or is there another way to do it? Just want to make sure before I update my online profiles

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If you’re really serious about working and wanting to show the portfolio, you probably want to get your own domain name for your Live Portfolio Website and give them that URL. You can always include your GitHub profile at the bottom of the portfolio as that is where you can show them that you have made a couple of other projects.

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Thanks for your response. I will include github profile at the bottom of the portfolio.
Will blue host be the best to get a free domain name to then make my portfolio live? Any suggestions?
I would like to link my projects in there as well.
And yes I would love to get a job as a developer this just seems like the last step in the process…

You can always create a Github Page. It’s very straight forward, free and they can see your project live.

I chose a portfolio theme I had locally then I uploaded my portfolio, now I just wanted to make sure what link I should give recruiters and before I update all my online profiles. The repo name? What url? Etc. Just now it’s wrong then recruiters won’t hire me

There are different ways to do it. I would do the following way. Send the link to your live PF. On it link to your github repo only once, and link to each Github page when you speak about the correspondent project.

Maybe it’s clearer this way:

  • First you send them your live PF.
  • In my Portfolio(PF) I’d say: ‘Hey, check all my projects’ code on my github. ’
  • In the PF you build up some card-like section of your projects, each one taking them to the live project.
  • Let’s say they click project A.
  • The live project A contains the link to the code for A.


I don’t use built in themes. You can create an index.html and an index.css in the top level of your repo, and use that as a portfolio. I’ve used that logic on my blog ( and the the URL looks like this:


Thanks so much for your assistance