Need some help with tribute page

Hello, everyone,
First, I am an absolute beginner in coding. Not long ago I finished HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and jQuery. I used freecodecamp and codeacademy to learn. When I got to the tribute page project I felt like I forgot everything I learned and had to review almost every section I went through. Is it normal for beginners, or it is just me who learn too slow?

Second, here is my tribute page in the process My question is how can I move pictures on the left and on the right to spread evenly from the top to bottom?

Thank You all in advance.

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It’s absolutely normal! I’ve been working on web development in some form for 20 years or so and I’m far from an expert on any of it. Granted, I’ve only been working part time with multiple periods of little to no learning, but still, it can be a long process. If you were to figure this stuff out in the next 3 years, you’d be in a better position than me in terms of employability.

I would use flexbox for this. I don’t think this is mentioned much, if at all, in these beginning stages. Do you want to see the exact code or would you like to try to figure it out yourself?

For me, trying to figure things out myself before I look at solutions helps me learn faster, strange as that may seem. The Flexbox Zombies adventure/course was really helpful to me when learning flexbox.

Let me know if you don’t want to learn this yourself at this point and just want the code, and I’ll share it here.