Need some opinion and advice


I am quite new to HTML and CSS. I am halfway complete with the Responsive Web Design projects on FCC and keep learning everyday by myself.

I went to an interview for front end development where the interviewer was criticising everything about me. As I learn by myself, I don’t know any other developers or know people I can talk to about programming stuff. So he started asking if I know about Slack, and I said no (because I don’t know anyone who use it plus I never heard of it before). And he goes on about how unbelievable that I don’t about it. Then he started asking about other front end tools, that’s where he went on his laptop and pulled out a huge list of tools (over 20 maybe) that developers use. Of course, I didn’t know any since I’m new. To me, I thought that was his hiring strategy by bringing up all my faults so I just agreed and took the feedback for future learning, knowing that I won’t get the job. I felt completely useless at that time.

But my question is, how can I go about to know or learn about ALL those tools that front end developers use when I learn by myself?

It feels like I should have been born with the front end bible in my head.


You won’t ever be expected to know all the tools developers at a company use, but by the time you apply for jobs you should know some of them. You’ll discover tools and technology as you need them. Right now you’ve barely begun to learn web development. As you work on more complex projects, you will find yourself researching tools to improve your process.