Need some suggestions regarding to my Portfolio :D

Hi guys can you rate from 1-10 my sample portfolio website and what should I add to it or what can you suggest to make it beautiful :slight_smile:


Nice design!


And here some of my suggestions:

  1. The dynamic text in the welcome section is bigger than a text that is supposed to be read. Try to lower it a bit and adjust it to be in the middle of the screen.
  2. The text is telling the function of the person before presenting their name. It should be reversed.
  3. The second section should be balanced: Skills and About Me should have the same width and the about me text should be a little bit bigger than that
  4. When the menu is opened, it takes all over the page. It would be better if it opens only on 1/3 of the screen.

Good luck & Happy Coding!

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It’s a very clean design but does this pass the project test suite?

A couple of major things i’ve noticed:

  • When the menu is open and I click one of the nav links the menu stays open, meaning I have to close the menu manually to see the content that’s scrolled to.
  • On mobile views I seem to lose the ability to scroll? Tested in Chrome and FF.
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Looks good! The main heading text doesn’t have much breathing room, I would add some padding to the left and right there.

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