Need Suggestion

i am making Tribute page. So please check it and give me suggestion about code and things i use wrong or can be improved .
Thanx in Advance.
link :


Put the following line back into the HTML section;

Use it to see if you pass all the user stories that the project asks for. For any that aren’t met there will be an explanation as to what the problem is.
Currently you’re only passing 7 out of 10.

Also, in the HTML and CSS sections of codepen there’s a little down arrow in the upper right. Click on it and then Analyze HTML (and CSS). You have a few elements that are incorrectly placed.

You’ve got a good design. Keep at it.

i am not understanding how to submit or test project where to submit or post it plz need guide
thanks in advance

The pen for this is gone. Not sure if you deleted it or what happened.

I’m not sure what you mean by “submit or test project” but I’ll try.
When you complete the project in codepen just copy the link to it and paste that link into the solution box.

To test your code you leave that link mentioned in my first post in the HTML area. As you complete each user story you can click on it to run the tests and ensure the test passes.

Hope that helps.

And hope to see your page again. Like I said, you had a good design.

In the curriculum

click on a project

paste the link to your pen in the solution bar