Need suggestions for classes on android development

I want to learn to make an android game

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For android, kotlin is pretty popular.
You could look into these other languages as well.

For classes, you could look into udemy or youtube.
FCC has videos for mobile dev on their youtube channel.

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Since this is a new topic conversation I created a new post.

Others can chime in with their suggestions for courses. :grinning:

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I found a free udemy android app Development course but I don’t think covers game making

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and I’ve look into android game development and it look like java is the language to learn

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I would google how to make an android game.

A lot of results will come up for the unity game engine.

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I have looked into unity but it look complicated

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You can start off small.

There are tons of tutorials online.
Then you can look into building your own game.

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Ya should I learn java?

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You can learn java or kotlin.

It really boils down to what kind of game you want to make and then you research the appropriate tools for the job.

Here is a good article to get you started.
But keep researching.

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I was going to use Android studio

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Ok cool.

Keep fleshing out the idea and researching the best languages for the job.

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or should I use unity?

The first step is to flesh out the idea and think about what type of game this is going to be and what type of features it is going to have.

Once you figure that out, then you can research the appropriate languages and tools to use.

Ok I was thinking a 2d platformer I started using a website called mit app inventor but then I did not save my project and lost it

If you google how to build a 2d platformer game for android, then you will get tons of results for what you are looking for.

Click on any of those results, and get started learning.

Have you heard of the website mit app inventor if yes what do you think?

I haven’t heard of it

Let me know what you think