Need support with the product landing page project of the FCC curriculum

I’m stuck at the product landing page project because the FCC test reports no use of CSS flexbox or media queries could be detected in my stylesheet. Thing is I have several instances of both used for my project. Need a resolution for this please

Could you share your code via or any other website you’d prefer? We’d really need to see what’s happening with your code visually to assist you better. :sunglasses:

Here’s the githup pages link of the page: LabDx Healthcare
and my github repository:
GitHub - sethearchitect/100xcodepractice: coding practice files
stylesheet (indexstyles.css)

Hmm, all 16 tests seem to pass for me.

Yeah I don’t suppose its a general thing. Perhaps I’m doing something wrong hence the request for an extra pair of eyes to help me see what’s wrong and if the fault is from me

Hi, so I just ran the test on my mobile again and all tests passed. I assumed you 'd been talking of your own project :grin:

Ahh, I see, sorry I wasn’t clear about that. Congrats on passing.

I know you haven’t asked for a review here, but I did notice one thing that really stood out and needs to be fixed, so I hope you don’t mind if I point it out real quick.

You have tabindex=1 set on the email input. Is there a reason you did that? This is an accessibility anti-pattern. You should never use a tabindex value greater than 0. But since the input element already has an implicit tabindex of 0 you don’t need to set tabindex on it at all.

Oh thank you for the review nonetheless!
Was experimenting with attributes to see their effects on the behavior of my page. Forgot to remove that one.
I didn’t even know it’s an accessibility anti-pattern so thank you for pointing it out. Definitely will be better for it

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