Need to develop an an app [Artificial Intelligence work]

I am from Next Generation of Robotics – Start up.
I am looking for app developer for one of our product
We are a team of two iitians with Scientists
I am looking for one or more of the following skills in the Software(s):

  1. Innovating and brainstorming ideas to formulate and develop ideas from scratch
  2. Excited to learn, build and execute ideas.
  3. Coder - who can build Android app, data server and MySQL features for Website as well as contribute in the conceptualization of the product.
    I am looking for long term people with a visionary mindset and ready for taking the startup plunge. Preferably – Internship Part time
    Internship offers No Stipend–
    Provided internship Certificate from International Organization
    Experience from the Architects of Fortune Company
    If interested, please reply
    or if you know someone, please let me know, Share in Groups

Hi there,

I would be able to help you with a good app developer as per your requirement. Please reach out to me at