Need to learn to become a BugHunter

What kinds of skills do you need to learn to become a BugHunter? and what are the basic tools for it? I really want to know

This is a great question! Developers become bug-hunters, because to some degree they have to be - but what we as devs catch tend to be the things we know to look for.

But a few places I’ve worked have dedicated bug hunters, who know a little coding maybe, but it’s not their field. They specialize in testing, without the biases or preconceptions developers might have.

They’ll often build a test list, common things to test or common bugs the developers themselves know about, but they might extend it to UI testing, accessibility testing, degradation testing (how does it work with an older browser? Does it have a fallback if javascript is off?)

It is a high-demand field, in certain areas. And there are books and references about the subject (the two I’m familiar with are Foundations of Software Testing and Developer Testing, both a hard read but worth it).

To begin, when someone submits a project here for review, look at it from a testing perspective. Does the UI work as expected? Does the form work across sizes and browsers? Think of “user stories,” characters who are using the site, and look at it from their view. An 84-year-old grandmother from Spokane who likes to knit might experience the site differently than a 32-year-old colorblind cabbie from the Bronx.

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