Need UX/UI Feedback on my blog Audience Issue

Hello all,

A while back, I worked through quite a few FCC lessons and attended several in-person meetups for some time. I am transitioning from web dev into reverse engineering and malware analysis.

I have a cyber-security related blog as this is my passion. As a malware analyst and reverse engineer, I post technical articles. However, I also love and have a knack for speaking to “laypeople” or average citizens. So essentially, my blog has 2 target audiences:

  1. Other malware analysts and reverse engineers

  2. Anyone who uses computers or electronic devices and who would like to learn more about security and privacy such as how they can better secure their financial, legal, and other sensitive info for their families and themselves.

The articles I write for #2 are written towards a non-technical audience. #1 are highly-technical documents containing lots of computer code and stuff.

What I currently have is a Wordpress where the technical stuff goes on the landing page, but a navbar has links to “editorials” and “Security Tips.”

The issue is that some of my non-technical visitors hit the landing page and get lost with the immediate tech stuff and then leave the site. On the other side of things, if I put just the non-tech articles up, then the other analysts might do the same. Do you have any ideas for me? The only thing that comes to mind is a Splash screen which allows the user to pick which audience they are, but that may be a little obtuse and not sure how I would implement it in WordPress yet.

Last but not least, I need to highlight what I don’t want. This is not a restaurant, fashion store, etc and I am not looking for this to be some flashy, trendy hip type of website. The focus here is on the writing and articles and this is a pretty common theme amongst cyber security blogs such as hasherzade, mudlord, and peter ferrie’s blog.

You’ll notice quick that cyber-security and reverse engineers blogs are like Mexican restaurants in California: The uglier and more obscure, generally, the better. HOWEVER, my focus here is on the UX rather than the flashiness… I want my visitors to get the content that they are coming to the site for as fast as possible. Thanks for your time!

Just a thought but if you are writing separate article targeting two completely different audiences why don’t you just make a second blog? By your own analysis featuring one over the other will scare off the other half of your targeted readers. So make two!

I don’t know tons about blogging but one thing I’ve heard often is the importance of finding and specializing on your niche. You aren’t doing that if you are posting articles that only half your site is interested in.

Good point Doug. Perhaps I could even construct it so that it’s technically the same one (same admin panel) but the user interface exposes two separate ones and I use two separate domains or something.

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If I were you, I’d change the header image. I’d try to refrain from using those drop shadows, and that should help your site a lot. If you’d like, I can design one for you in Photoshop (if you’d like me to).