Need your feedback about my portfolio

So not much saying, here’s the link: Samuel Boczek | Web Developer, Designer

All graphics (apart from font awesome) I made myself.
It all took me about 12 hours to finish.

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I like it. Nice clean and responsive, good job :slight_smile: .

Really nice design !

Hey @akacipher ,
I liked your design .
But i found some sort of bugs (i don’t know what exactly to call that) .Here is a detail

  1. When i Press the navigation link “HOME” it dosent work even when im at the bottom of page (Contact me).
    2.when i scroll the page nav links moves which is really fentastic but when the page reaches bottom part(contact us) the nav link still stays on MY Portfolio

I hope it helped yoy !!!
All the best Bro

Nice design,

I had no problems with Navigation or functionality. and none of the issues that were reported when using Chrome and Safari.

However, using Firefox browser and Firefox developer edition I have the same problems as @bhat01

This might be an issue with Firefox and Codepen.

So, what I suggest is using the original files you made and pre-test them on a few browsers before posting them on Codepen.

I hope this helps
Happy coding!

Hey @Richie2 ,
Thank you for informing me about this.
But I even checked in Chrome browser but it still gives me the same problem (Contact Us link) as I mentioned above (but it seems to be there is no Home button issue on Chrome).

Hi @bhat01

I just checked now using Chrome latest update on a mac and I had no issues.

I wonder if this has something to do with it?