Need your honest feedback- Tribute Page

Hello there.
So I completed my first ever Tribute Page. Took quite a while.
Was wondering if you could give me some honest feedback and things I could improve upon.
(Theres a ton I could improve on haha.)
Thanks much!


It looks very nice. I think a few adjustments could be made:

  • Put a max width on the content. The text will spread out as far as I can widen my browser (and I can widen it pretty far). A lot of people find long lines of text hard to read.
  • Semantically, I think you need to make better use of headers. You don’t have an h1 (which is required) and only one h2. ‘Early Life’ can stay an h2 and then each of the headers in their own black boxes should be an h2 as well.
  • The ‘click here’ link text at the bottom is frowned upon. Maybe change the whole thing to “Learn more about Barack Obama” and have the whole think a link.
  • Don’t use <br> to create vertical spacing. Use margins/padding with CSS instead.
  • The quote at the bottom should probably be in a <q> tag.
  • When I narrow my browser window the ‘Special Achievements’ header overlaps itself.
  • Under ‘Special Achievements’, that looks like a list to me and should probably be coded as such.

Hey there @bbsmooth.
Thanks a ton for your feedback!
I will surely implement the changes!

Question though.
Why is it that the ‘click here’ option is frowned upon?

For one, it is an accessibility issue. When someone is using a screen reader and cycling through the links on a page, “Click here” does not tell them anything about the link other than you should click on it. Second, not everyone is using a mouse so technically not everyone can “click” on something. And last, most professionals consider “click here” links to be amateurish. If you want to look like you know what you are doing then don’t use them. Yes, I know, you still see them all over the place today. One thing you will learn quickly, just because you see it on the web doesn’t mean it is correct.

Ah I see. Thanks a ton for your feedback!

I’ll definitely look into it! Thanks a ton!