Neil deGrasse Tyson Tribute Page; my first project!

Hey Coders,
I’ve just finished coding my very first web page; it’s a brief bio of one of my favorite personalities, Neil deGrasse Tyson. Very simple and with lots of room for improvement, sure. Any feedback would be absolutely appreciated, thanks in advance!

Hi @dartok!

Welcome to the forum!

I think you forgot to post the link.

Hi, oops! Off to a great start, haha.
Here’s the link:
Thanks for pointing that out!


I think your page looks good.

Just a couple of small things.

  • You have a stray html tag at the bottom of your html that could be removed.

  • (optional) You could use the margin shorthand to cut down on repetiton.

margin: 15px 50px 15px 50px;

margin:15px 50px;
/*15px=top-bottom 50px=left-right*/
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Looks good!

I like how you used various html elements like figcaption and blockquote.
Those are tags that are often forgotten but can easily improve readability.

From a user’s point of view I would like the blockquote to not span the full width of the screen and instead make it flush with the text.

blockquote {
    margin: 60px 20vw; /* add 20vw for left and right margin */

I also like how the site behaves with different viewport sizes. I think for the very first site you did a great job!

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Thanks so much Jessica! Yeah I could’ve definitely avoided repetition in that instance. Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

Thank you for your feedback and for the compliments, Swapy!
You know, I completely agree with you about the blockquote being a bit too wide; that’s exactly what I’ve been trying to adjust, but with no success, haha. So thanks for giving me the code, it was much simpler than I thought. Cheers!

@dartok Wow! It looks like a professional page. You did a great job on it.

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Thanks Brandon, this definitely motivates me!