Nest CSS w/Sass - Common Issue

It took me some time to finally get this right and I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. I saw several other people on here had the same issue so I wanted to share the correct answer for those who just can’t get the test to pass. Please evaluate the solution so that you can note what you were doing wrong.
Hope this helps!!


The SASS challenges were giving me lots of issues. Most challenges would not pass the tests when my code was correct.

I would spam the ‘Run Tests’ button until it would eventually pass. Entering a new line \n triggering the code to run/console to update and then quickly running the tests seemed to help it pass.

That’s very strange, I’m running into the same issue so far. Being a student, it’s hard to tell if its something wrong with my code or if its a technical error hence why i’ve ended up here searching for solutions lately.