Nested drop down button

how do i make my nested drop down menu in the first button drop down
i copy pasted this code
for (var i = 0;i<this.children.length;i++){
if (this.children[i].classList.contains(‘dropdown-selection’)){ =;
activeDropdown.element = this.children[i];
//adding the dropdown-button to our object
else if (this.children[i].classList.contains(‘dropdown-button’)){
activeDropdown.button = this.children[i];

but it didnt work infact the 2 main buttons stopped working as well

Sorry no one answered. I wasn’t able to get yours to work without disassembling it completely (new to web dev). But I would look here and use it as a model:

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seen this before its different than mine
its more i think jquerry
but thanks anyways :slight_smile:

The jquery just has to do with the click handler, not the formation of the nested dropdowns - the lines in the JS with “$” in them are jquery. If you fear jquery, then you can write and event handler in standard JS. But jquery is awesome and can be a huge timesaver - check it out.

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