Nesting a element in p


<p> View more

<a target="_blank" href=""</a>cat photos


I dont know what is wrong with this what this but Im getting :
/ running tests Your


element should be nested within your new


element. // tests completed

im totaly lost. I watched video couple of times and I still dont see what Im doing wrong.
I thought this was introductory level but explanation to those lessens are really hard to understand .

Here’s an example of a p element nested inside a div element:

  <p>I'm nested inside a div!</p>

You need to nest the a element inside a p element.

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  • Your opening a tag doesn’t have a >.
  • The words “cat photos” are not inside the a element.
  • I’m pretty sure that your url is wrong.
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Thanks Colin and Ariel. I messed up URL address.