New and (hopefully) Improved Tribute Page!

Thank you and I also wish you all the best with your journey :slight_smile:

seems you haven’t worked on DRY yet. you can copy my JS from, just make sure you understand it. :smiley:

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:shushing_face: When you’re used to it, it’s easy peasy.

Now, I have to say, that Ruby will be easy no matter what. I consider it the best language, it has all the helper methods you dreamed of, and it’s very very easy to learn. Also, I’d recommend having a look at Dart, it really interests me. :+1:

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OMG, I am such a buffoon! I am terribly sorry!! It is now added, which again I could not appreciate your help anymore as it is, so a very BIG thank you! :blush:

When you first post the code, I actually got so carried away with how you implemented the code (hence, forgetting to apply to my tribute page). I understood all lines except for one - the forEach() function.

I written all theories and doing all the jigsaw puzzling of how it actually works in order to understand it and I just couldn’t still get it…until then, I finally found an article explaining that the forEach() function is merely a syntactic sugar for a for loop. :roll_eyes: :see_no_evil: :woman_facepalming:

Well, I have to agree that Javascript is getting easier as I am getting used to it…until I see something new and then I go into that mode where I am I endlessly research for answers for 1.475,287 questions of mine, meanwhile my hair is secretly packing its suitcase and getting ready to emigrate :joy:

I heard Ruby is meant to be really popular, especially for beginners. However, as much I am happy to learn it, I just wonder what can I build with Ruby?? I would be happy to do this a side project :slight_smile:

and Dart??? That is a new one for me as I never have heard of it! :open_mouth:

Thanks! Well, I shall be making tea and have a good checking out! :tea: :blush:

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I’ve been meaning to respond to your message for the longest time and I’m so sorry it’s taken me this long! Thank you ever so much again for your kind words, helpful feedback and taking the time to look at my website too :slight_smile:

I’ve finally brought the Udemy Advanced CSS course you mentioned and plan to go through it this week to recreate the parakeets page again and make it even more responsive! I’ve been doing quite a lot of reading about responsive design and I’m definitely understanding it a bit more now. I’ve changed most of the absolute units to relative units in my code for the parakeets page, which is already starting to look better on smaller screens but I will go through the course and recreate the page and hopefully by then would have nailed responsive design :slight_smile: I also took on board your previous feedback about the spacing in my content and the nav bar/logo and I feel it already looks better so thank you!

P.s. yes I’m indeed a fellow Londoner and also from North London too haha! :smiley:

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@Steffan153 How does Ruby stack up to Python in your opinion? Since the two are rather similar there is no need to learn them both right?

They’re not too similar. :wink:
And i like Ruby a LOT better.

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At least, I know WHY you like Ruby… :smiley:

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Honestly, it is no worries at all! :slight_smile:

I am so glad to hear things are going well and that you are getting a better understanding on responsive design. Just remember, when you struggle to learn a concept, you tend to understand it better when you get back to it. :slight_smile: It is great to hear you have bought the course! Hope you are enjoying it so far! I actually just checked out your Parakeets Page and it is looking AMAZING! :heart: Well done!! :blush:

Oh wehey! A North Londoner too! I wonder if we have bumped into each other a few times?? :joy: (Okay, I am being dramatic considering London is big place!)

Awww thank you so much :heart:!! It’s still not 100% responsive on all screen sizes but I’ll get there eventually :slight_smile:. Yeah I do find taking breaks from a difficult concept helps a lot - you’d just end up going crazy otherwise! I’m enjoying the course so far :smiley:

Oooo London’s big but I wouldn’t be surprised if we have bumped in each other hahaha. Just out of curiosity, I was wondering if you’re already a web developer/designer?


That is okay, the main thing is as long you are on the right path and direction like you said, you will get there and with all your hard work, it will rewarding :slight_smile:

Well, would you happen to be closer to Enfield?? :slight_smile: (you can pm this answer if you do not feel comfortable to answer out here if you like) And to answer your question, no at this moment I am just learning to code while improving my design skills and hopefully try to break it into the industry :slight_smile:


I have gone through all 231 pages and I have absolutely no regrets. Going to get my hands on the famous advanced css course this week and hopefully will get better at it. Least I forget your tribute page makes mine look like a joke haha. Initially my plan was to breeze through the FCC requirements and get the responsive certificate but now I realize that I need to work more on my skills and may have to redo all my projects after that. Thank you so much, You have been a great source of inspiration.


this is art nice work

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DUDE this is killer! hell of a job! YOUR HIRED!! LOL

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Thank you for taking the time to read this long collection of posts and I hope you found them to be helpful (at least the others’ post has been for me). :slight_smile:

I wish you all the luck and I like to think you will learn so much out of that course that I have mentioned and I am pretty sure you will. Enjoy!

I used to initially think like that when I did my other first tribute page. But, now I see it differently. This is why I didn’t take it off my Codepen because I want it to be a reminder of this is how I started my journey and this is how I have build up my skills over the time and achieve my goal. So, instead of seeing your tribute page as a joke, I would see it as a learning curve. :slight_smile:

I will be honest with you, so many people think exactly the same, (including myself in a different situation). That is understandable because it has never been widely taught that we have to learn further than what we are provided. This is in general (not just FCC) and I had to learn this the very hard way through uni. My advice is to listen and learn from other developers/designers (through Youtube, blogs etc.) when they explain their experience in the industry and how to be a good developer/designer.

Also, another advice is when you redo your projects, I would duplicate the projects so you can keep the original and that is because of what I have explained above. When you create and finish the new version and you compare it to your original, it will be a reminder of your achievements. :blush:

I hope this will help you!

Haha, you are funny , but thank you :joy:

Thank you, I appreciate that :slight_smile:

you are welcome i have not done any project yet but this your project have given me inspiration to start doing some project right away

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You are absolutely right. We tend to want to finish something so bad that we forget to learn from and enjoy the process.
I am grateful for your advice and this post is super helpful :smile:

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I didn’t realize earlier… but a LEADER badge!? :grin:
Congrats! Nice to see the upgraded status with all the hard work you do! :wink: :grin:

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